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Good Writing.

This is my third or fourth attempt at blogging. I never learned to write well, but I used to read alot. I’ve read enough good and great writing to know that I am not qualified to produce good writing in the way that most people do it. I violate the rules consistently and intentially.


Good writers produce a lot of words. They use a lot of words that cause me to have to keep Wikipedia open at all times because I can’t tell what they are trying to say without knowing what the word means in the context used. I use the most common words I can find so it will be accessible to even those with as limited a vocabulary as mine.


All I intend to do with this iteration of blogging is to write about experiences I have had and what I learned from those experiences. I will try to explain what relevance they have to todays world. I have no intention of trying to convince anyone of anything. Whenever I write something that might seem argumentative I mean only to present my perspective in the hope that it might help someone see things that may be beneficial to them.


Human discourse where either party is not telling the truth is pointless. I have a perspective that is rarely accepted by people and is questionable because some events in my life don’t make sense. I wish I could say every thing here will be the truth, but I know from life experiences that what’s true today might be tomorrows lie. My best effort will be to just present what I experienced and explain my perspective and hope someone can see the value in it that I do.

About me:

I hate this part. Knowing about an author has no value to me. I guess that’s part of the reason I don’t write so well. When I read, my focus is on the writing alone. I care about what they say and what they mean. Of course, that perspective isn’t very popular and so I have to have something about me or people won’t read anything. I’ve been surprised so many times by the wisdom and intelligence of some people, especially those kind of people that most others will judge irrelevant and won’t even listen to. So if I have to do this I present to you facts about me designed to provide a quick judgement so you can move on to judge someone else. I’m old (turned 67 this month April,2020). I’m a Boomer. I don’t understand why this an issue but I’ve seen it used alot in a negative way so it must be of value to some people. My middle name is Roy, so I write under the name EdgyRoy, which is the only nickname anyone ever gave me. Finally, ( surely this will be enough), I was diagnosed as having Depression with a bipolar disorder and I’ve been on medication for nearly 30 years. Oh, almost forgot, I’m white.

Final thoughts

This post should be at the top of my blog until my WordPress agreement ends in 2021. My hope is that most people will read it and leave. I may never get a positive comment from anyone and I don’t mind that. My previous posts never yielded any comments, so why would this one? What really bothers me is people passing judgement on others based on opinions or hearsay or whatever the popular prejudices of the day might be. If there are postive things to say about me, I will rarely mention them and for good reasons which, if I do, I will explain as best I can. My hope is that I may encounter people who are just plain good people in their heart and mind. The world can’t get enough of those, and in America, at least, the supply seems to be diminishing daily.

If you read all of this post:

Thank You. I mean that sincerely. In case you never come back, know that you have value that you are not aware of today, and you are greater than anyone who says otherwise. Those who try to reduce you are beneath you by virtue of their actions. Please remember, if you encounter someone beneath you, reach down and help them up, if you can.

Live long and prosper.

“America First”: A Simplist View

Purpose and Intent

This site is focused on the subject of the Simplist Philosophy, or Simplistism. I am also in the process of creating that philosophy in a formal sense. My personal goal is to be able to define myself as a Simplist. A principle of Simplistism is the expression that “It is far better to act like a thing than to just be called a thing.” This principle comes from the Human habit of giving a name to a collection of acts so that the practitioners of said acts could be referred to in order to separate them from other groups. This process is represented in science as taxonomy.

My intent is to act like a Simplist by presenting views that should be consistent with Simplist values in order to determine what Simplistism really is. This post uses a commonly expressed phrase and gives it a value and purpose in a Simplist world.

Origin and Intent

The “America First” phrase is said to have its’ beginning in the America First Committee which was advocating that America stay out of wars and entanglements with foreign countries. It is commonly referred to as isolationist in nature as it seems to suggest that America deny the existence of the rest of the world and “go it alone” in the course of making decisions. It was mostly used as a slogan for politicians who were trying to qualify their platforms or suggested policies as better than their opponents. The current President has used it to justify his position on many issues and a base for opposing any position contrary to his.

A new meaning and a new intent

It should be noted here that a Simplist philosophy exists only as a method for solving the many problems that face the United States of America, it does not attempt to address issues of North America or South America. We use the term America because the citizens of the U.S commonly refer to themselves as Americans.

America First – a statement that describes the obligation of it’s citizens to place the country first in consideration of its’ voting decisions. By this, we mean that the founding principle of equality of all citizens should supersede all else. The majority of Americas’ history has been the result of the failure of it’s citizens to vote for equality for all, but rather to decide the inequality of other citizens.

The founding fathers may have created the problem by specifying that only men had unalienable rights and thus went on to assert that truth by establishing the constitution as for men and men only by allowing only men to be able to affect it. By its’ actions they created a government that meant citizens were definitely not equal from the very beginning. They gave themselves rights other citizens did not have which totally contradicted the whole idea of a government ‘of the people, for the people and by the people’. They clearly established a government ‘of the men, for the men and by the men’.

It is reasonable to suggest that they were victims of their times in that they were working from what they had known at the time. It took subsequent generations of citizens becoming less ignorant through their experiences of the injustices ingrained in the law before men finally worked to correct the original mistakes. It is important that the founders had created a system of government which allowed for the necessary changes. This was, perhaps their only saving grace.

Unfortunately, there were always people in every generation that chose to remain ignorant and thus opposed changes that would give freedom to people that they felt did not deserve it. Again, they put their personal preferences above the principle of equality for all. This new meaning of America First does not advocate for a new right or a restraint of Freedom of Choice. It is only presented as a method to understand America from the beginning to today. In the broadest sense, it is only meant to be a tool presented for use. Like all tools, the value is determined in relation to the user. If you see no use for it, then it has no value. But, like a hammer may have a specific purpose to drive nails, any user may decide to use it for other purposes that involve hitting things besides nails. The best I can do is to give examples of its’ use and let you take it from there.

Potential Uses

In consideration of the trend to place blame on others for the cause of an event, we choose to assign the blame based on our personal value system and thus ignore the value system of another without considering the equality of all in any other sense than that they are entitled to their opinion. America First is about putting aside that individual value system when casting a vote so that All Americans can live under the value system that was intended by the Founders’ ideas of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. Instead the people have chosen to change that value system rather than adhere to the principle of equality for all, by dividing themselves into groups that represent their value system of choice, and thus place their vote based on a collection of related value systems. We started by dividing first into parties of conservative vs liberal value systems, with the intent to make our value system the law of the land as decided by the majority. With each new generation new value systems emerged that centered on the preferred value system of choice and each generation multiplied the previous choices so that now a majority of all is accepted to be an impossibility, so only a sufficient number of people need to be chosen and all people need not be considered. The result has been that politicians refer to their responsibility to their constituency instead of referring to America as a whole in order to dodge responsibility for the effects inflicted on others by their choices.

It may also help to explain the state of current politics to point out how it is that so many problems have existed for so long. To get elected a politician need only promise to fix a problem of importance to a majority of citizens. Polling is used to determine what the selected problem should be. In any case, the cost of the political process is a primary concern. How the needed funds are obtained is a secondary concern. The issues about sources of funds can be argued as political intentions of the opposition. The result has been that more people are declaring themselves as running for election only because of the amount of money to be made in the process alone. The effect is that a general distrust of politicians has transitioned into a general distrust of government.

Under the political excuse of the America First banner as a reason for acting in an abnormal way, the elements of the protagonists have expanded into providing alternative facts said to support their notions of conspiracy. Their manifest intent is only to drive a wedge between their system of values and all other systems of values. The existence of services like Fox News, OAN and QAnon is so they can spread the needed information to convince their adherents that the chosen system of values is not just the “right” one, but the only one that is acceptable for the future of the America they perceive.

Under the new definition of America First, people should be able to recognize the part that they have played in the creation of this situation. This is not to imply that the people should be blamed or that anyone should be blamed. Placing blame has no relation to a solution that can solve the problem. To fail to consider all citizens is to suggest that equal rights for all is a myth and was never intended to be a real goal of a democracy. To call for unity around a specific cause is only a method of some to suggest a possible solution. The only unity that counts is to recognize that if we allow each others rights to be contested then we allow our own rights to be contested. The very notion of ‘all for one and one for all’ is thus evaporated. To return substance to that notion requires only that we commit to making our decisions to vote based on the idea that all effects one and one effects all.

To relate it to the present situation the problems of today are considered to be a result of Donald Trumps decision making. This a textbook case of confusing a container for the thing contained. Americans have always made their choices based on their own system of values ( commonly expressed as their own “self-interest” ). Trump is only the latest example of the attempt to prioritize his system of values above all others. The objective is always the same: To make the chosen system of values the law of the land and thus force all others to accept those values by rule of law. The fact that his election was a surprise to some was based only on the fact that he had no foundation to work from so why would people vote for him. He had only expressed a clear intent to destroy all that came before him. In that case, his intent was clear to those that voted for him because it opened the door for people who shared the value system of choice to justify making their value system the law of the land.

The people that want him re-elected are still desperate to get their value system enacted into law and cling to the hope that giving him more time will result in that outcome. Their only problem is that Trump is not committed to their value system. He is only concerned with his own. So far, his displayed value system seems be focused on getting what he wants without regards to any specific value system. In that way he is just like any other American in that he pursues his own value system by making his choices without considering the choices of others.

The Republican party is closest to achieving their goal of establishing its’ own value system as the law of the land by patiently and methodically installing the structural elements necessary to support their aims while refusing to allow any others to interfere with their desired outcome by stacking the final Judges ( The Supreme Court ). Thus they will be swayed to support their value system and confirm it as the Law of the Land. Of course, the only hiccup is that a Judge who has taken an Oath to be impartial may decide to adhere to that Oath at any time. As always, they can evaluate his conclusion in any way they like, but the conclusion still stands as a rule of law.

So, considering all the circumstances it is correct to say that our democracy is in danger. All it takes is for enough of the citizens to select a value system that excludes all others and they will establish a ruling class that controls all laws. This might satisfy the conditions necessary to still be considered a democracy, but it won’t be ‘our’ democracy.

So my final act is to leave it up to you to decide.

Belief and Truth: A Simplist View

In a previous post titled ‘Scales of Belief and Reality’ I made statements I have decided did not appropriately demonstrate the efficacy or desired intent of the terms used and definitions provided. I seek to improve my writing and rational discourse for the purposes of enlightenment and entertainment. Toward that end I will use in this post a basic structure and hopefully derive something relevant through a process I will only define as I go. My Ultimate Goal is to provide the reader with content that he/she may find informative or enlightening or entertaining or simply thought-provoking. As I am trying to improve my skills I can only hope I will be successful with at least 1 of the types of content listed. I confess that failure is a natural expectation for me, but I will try anyway.

The structure I will work from is under development but should be sufficient for the discussion. We begin with a couple of strict definitions of terms used to establish the structural relationships. Reality is the domain of all Truth. By this I mean to assert that Reality contains all truth that was, is, and can be found and there is literally nothing outside of Reality. Reality is referred to, by me, as the Master Absolute because, by definition there is nothing outside it to be a cause for an effect. This is logical and consistent with the well-known rule of cause and effect.

The second definition is Existence. Existence is understood easiest as a set made up of elements that I refer to as Existors. To keep to the rule of cause and effect we can infer that Reality was the source or cause that created Existence. The last component of this structure is termed the ‘Existence Boundary’ or the ‘Difference Barrier’. As Existence was an empty set when created, the boundary or barrier must also be a creation of Reality. To be consistent with it’s definition, Reality did not create anything new so Existence must be a subset that follows certain rules that constrain it’s access to the domain of truth. The manifest rules are termed ‘Minor Absolutes’ as they apply only to Existence and the elements contained therein. There are only three and they are defined or described as Multiplicity, Variation, and Time. Multiplicity and Variation are referred together as the Law of Uniqueness. This means that all elements of the Existence set will add to the Existence set when created and will always be different from every other Existor previously created and will always be different than any Existor created after it. Time is the engine of Existence and the driving force of change. Time has discernable properties that may be inferred from their effect. Time can only move forward and not back. If Time did not move forward then it would violate the additive property of the absolute of Multiplicity. To understand why this would occur, consider the requirements of a reversal of Time. It would have to reach a zero increment on it’s way. Which means that Time must stop before it changes direction. If Time stops then nothing can happen because no events or actions that would effect Existence can be created without a minimal interval that allows it. Even a single thought cannot exist without the passage of Time. The good news is, nothing in Existence with a consciousness would ever be able to conceive it.

Before we move on to Beliefs we must discuss Basics of Existors. I have indentified the two most common attributes that all Existors may have. They may be considered foundational in that they define required components necessary for the creation of all Existors. Every Existor must have at least one and may have two. These two are defined as Body and Mind. Other terms may be substituted for purposes of comprehension. Examples include Physical and Mental, Substance and Spiritual, Material and Immaterial. In any case, they have different characteristics depending on the Class and Type they belong to. To be brief we will use the Class of ‘Human’ and Type ‘Creator’ as our example of an Existor with specific properties. It obviously has both Body and Mind. As Type ‘Creator’ both components represent a domain of Existors that have or can create an Existor within each domain. The Existor with Mind Component can only create Existor of Class ‘Idea’. Examples of the Idea Class are Thoughts, Feelings, Motivations, Urges, Desires and Beliefs. So now we can discuss the Nature of Beliefs and their relation to Truth.

First of all, because of the Reality of the Existence Boundary there is no way for an Existor to access the domain of Truth. The result is that Truth cannot be known. Because of the complexity of the ‘Human’ Existor there are various degrees of each property that can establish a need to know ‘Truth’. In every such case the most a Human can do is establish an Approximate or Apparent Truth which is a variation of belief that can satisfy that need for Truth. Unfortunately for Humans who focus their consciousness inward towards the self, the problem of self-identity can be devastating to the overall health and well-being of the individual under consideration. The natural corrective approach is to create an Apparent Truth which is a belief that uses evidence provided by the tools commonly used such as logic, philosophy, medication or counseling. The level of confidence in the accuracy of evidence provided is boosted by virtue of the evidence being qualified by a reliable and consistent source, that it can be considered a trusted source.

Going through the levels of belief can help to understand what effects can occur at each level. A casual belief is a result of information introduced to the Existor that has little or no value. A casual belief has no urgency attached to it and unless re-enforced will be forgotten soon enough. A re-enforcement comes when the Existor gets additional information that supports the original casual belief. This information is known commonly as evidence. Depending on the individual ‘Threshold of Acceptance’ the amount of evidence necessary to cause a level change can vary wildly. Reaching the Threshold will shift the casual belief to an established belief which means that it is first stage actionable. It increases the probability the Existor will share the information. Any effects that can result will be dependent on the Existor that was shared with and his subsequent actions. At this level the act of sharing alone is commonly termed ‘Gossip’ which rarely has any serious effects. An established belief can be dis-lodged easily by a single contradiction from a sufficiently trusted source. Otherwise the established belief can become a verified established belief if the Existor receives enough evidence from a sufficiently trusted source. Such a belief is stage two actionable, indicating an increased probability of engagement with others over disagreements regarding the efficacy or accuracy of the evidence in question. These probabilities vary wildly and are totally dependent on the Existors reaction to the contested information. The last level is known as embedded verified established belief. The third stage actionable is capable of modifying an Existors behavior. For those Existors that have a sufficient number of embedded beliefs and are also self-focused, their collection of beliefs literally defines their identity. The degree of urgency will normally drive the severity of effect. But the urgency is modified by character traits, and the sources of urgency also alter the level of urgency, such as anxiety, depression, expectations, illegal drugs, etc. The desperate Existors may choose to rely on an approximate truth to satisfy the conditions related to the conflict at hand. An approximate truth is a manufactured truth that meets the needs of the embedded belief by offering up a contradiction that creates sufficient doubt about an embedded belief that the urgency is sufficiently reduced to provide a degree of relief.

A positive approach is an approximate truth that can be manufactured to lower doubts about an embedded belief by providing re-enforcement in the form of self-evident truth that satisfies a sufficient degree of evidence to reduce the level of urgency about the concerning belief in question.

In conclusion, a belief is not truth, but an Apparent Truth is as close as an Existor will ever get. An advantage of Apparent Truth is the systematic tools available to easily provide qualified evidence for support or qualified contradictions with greater confidence in consistency of effects.

Simplist Philosophy Values

The difficulty of values

The best definition of value I could find is that it represents the degree of importance to someone. Because no one seems to have only one thing of value we usually refer to their ‘set of values’ or ‘value system’. The common use of a “value system” is that of being a guide for our behavior. In that sense it can also help define who we are. Since I am trying to define a value system for a Simplist, the fact that I am trying to define a Simplist at the same time makes this effort especially challenging for me.

The need to do this now is driven by the fact that if I don’t define it then someone else will define it for me. This is actually a positive development because we should be defined by our value system. So by creating one I am defining the meaning of what a Simplist is. This should allow anyone to determine whether I actually am a Simplist in any sense of the word. I will list the core values first, then explain them one at a time as an attempt to establish their value.

Core values

Agency, Learning, Relations, Relevance, Consideration

Agency: the power to effect. Can be described as the ability of an actor to act. It could also be referred to as Free Will.

Value to a Simplist: A Simplist values Agency not because of a desire to possess it, but because allowing for it can make the world easier to understand. From understanding comes acceptance. From acceptance comes peace.

Learning: the process of acquiring something new.

Value to a Simplist: The highest value is in the newness. Regardless of the value inherent or derived from what is learned, the true value is in the fact that it creates the opportunity to grow oneself, to create a higher value, or better version of oneself. In the end it is about adding sight. The more we see, the more we can understand. The end result is more peace.

Relations: Those things that have a connection to something else.

Value to a Simplist: This is of Highest value to a Simplist because it is the driving factor that created the Simplist to begin with. To explain this one will be difficult to understand. All relations create complexity. The more complex something is, the harder it is to understand. The common approach is to disassemble it and analyze the parts. When it comes to Existence, however, this is not possible. The Simplist method is to remove all relations possible until you get to the first one. This is what is called the Simplist State. The idea is that by identifying the first effect, you can then understand all subsequent causes. It will require a separate post to explain this concept so I will do that in the future.

Relevance: determining the value of a relation.

Value to a Simplist: This is probably the second hardest to explain. This is obvious because it seems to conflict the concept of minimizing relations. Determining the value of a relation is a basis for its removal, but the less relations you have the more Relevance each one has. Relevance is like a tool for evaluating statements than anything else. To understand the true meaning of a statement, a Simplist will start by removing all the irrelevant elements that they can find. This concept will also require a separate post to fully understand its significance.

Consideration: a taking into account where account is defined as a reason for action.

Now is the time to reflect on everything created so far before we can continue. So I will stop here and continue when it seems necessary.

More Simplist Philosophy

Fr0m structure to model

This post is intended to describe why the structure is what it is with the intent to transition into a model. The structure alone has no utility. A model, however, can be used as a pattern to create other things. In a philosophical sense, it can be used as a way to answer questions by changing the perspective of the observer.

The decision to define Reality and Existence as presented was because the difference between the two seemed to be at the center of nearly every conversation that people engage in. Separating Truth from Existence is meant to provide a reason for being able to argue about Truth and yet, claim to possess knowledge of it. It also facilitates a basis for saying something is unknowable. The whole point is, the Simplist philosophy is meant to add and not subtract. So in that sense, it should not contradict any already existing Philosophical view, but simply provide a perspective that may not exist.

That Reality is called “The Master Absolute” is simply because the idea that something can be an absolute is highly debated. We know from life experiences that changes are occurring all the time. So the concept that something does not change is difficult to imagine. From a Simplist perspective, the defining of Reality provides a domain for Truth and since nothing in Existence can change it, then it satisfies the conditions necessary to be considered an absolute by definition.

The fact that we use the term “Reality” is not relevant to a Simplist. For those of religious perspective, “God” is an acceptable replacement. The term ‘creator’ is also acceptable. “Nature” would be another acceptable substitute. The fact that Existence is the domain for all things that exist is not intended to indicate that the two are exclusive, but simply to indicate a ‘Source’ for Existence. The “Source” may or may not be true, but we can only know Existence. The desire for a ‘creator’ is also a result of Life experiences, primarily because the ’cause and effect’ notion makes it hard to imagine something that ‘just is’.

The Existence Boundary is intended to represent a placeholder for all the things that can be used to deny a reality. It provides a means for a Simplist to accept a view and still maintain their own. A Simplist statement that sums up the situation is expressed by “A creation cannot know its creator”. The examples available to support this assertion are bountiful. Consider an artist as a creator. Then his paintings can be known completely by him and, to some extent, by others. But the painting cannot know the artist, or others. A person can say “the painting speaks to me’, but the painting has no awareness of itself or anything else.

The final part of the Simplistic structure is, of course, Existence. This is where all the work is done, or can be done from a Simplist perspective. Existence is best viewed as a set, and the elements of the set are called “Existors”. To understand why this term is used, you only have to consider the current situation. If you want to have a discussion with anyone, then you have to consider a specific category, then a subject, then a purpose, etc. A fundamental goal for a Simplist is to remove all of the elements that can interfere with the ability to understand something in its purist form.

Since everything is an Existor, everything has a commonality that is shared. In other words, to a Simplist, this means every other Existor has at least a minimum value. This value can increase, but it can never fall below the minimum.

Before we discuss Existors in detail, we need to discuss the so called Minor Absolutes. Since they govern all of Existence, they effect all Existors and thus are important to our understanding of Existence itself. Unlike the Master Absolute, of which we can only speculate, the Minor Absolutes present evidence of themselves consistently. Multiplicity is evident because of the fact that Existence grows. Variation shows itself by the fact that no two Existors are exactly the same. These two absolutes combined are expressed as the Law of Uniqueness.

Time is the last Minor Absolute, but may be the most significant of the three. Time is considered the “engine” of Existence. This is because of the difficulty of trying to consider what it would mean if time stopped. We can argue about the truth of Multiplicity and Variation and thus dispute the Law of Uniqueness. We can talk about the results of a particular engine stopping such as the engines that drive electrical power. But we can turn to alternative sources to solve the many problems created by the loss of one source. The consequences are always localized in some way. If the engines driving climate change were stopped, the consequences are still restrained to the Earth.

Time has no alternative source. It effects all of Existence. There is nothing in Existence that can even be conceived of that does not require time. To have a thought requires time for neurons to excite a synapse. Sure, the thought may be short enough to give us a ‘sense’ of occurring instantly, but it is clearly evident to anyone that Time is a requirement that cannot be disputed. If time did stop, then nothing at all could occur. How could we even know if such a thing happened anyway?

At this point I realize that this is about as far as I can go to explaining the structure itself. I have to accept that I am trying to describe something that is of my own invention even though I don’t fully understand it myself. To help with my problem I will present some core values which should help guide me in the right direction. This requires that I use another post to do that.

Looking back to see now.


In my previous post I used the Simplist term “Existor” without defining it. If Existence is viewed as a set, Existor is the term for an element of that set.

Methods for seeing and their purpose

Looking back to see now is a fairly common method of human development that is often referred to as reflection. Thinking about what you did in the past in order to explain your own conduct to yourself, should provide you information that lets you see how to act in the future. Depending on the amount of information you gain, a person may feel a certain sense of being, called Enlightenment. Whether or not you change your conduct is a personal choice, but you may experience a change in attitude in spite of the fact you choose not to alter your conduct. A simple example is when you agree with someone on a topic that you formerly opposed.

At this point I should define my usage of certain words, in order to clarify my perspective. “See” is used as a substitute for the word comprehend, or understand, or realize. In my case, the perspective I possess along with my attitude is why I created the Simplist Philosophy. To allow for a better understanding I have decided to call it “Simplistism”. To not be a hypocrite, I am compelled to use as much philosophical knowledge as I know already and apply that knowledge to my own philosophy or my philosophy will be invalid.

Many people would be considered to have a personal philosophy, but few would be arrogant enough to try to formalize such a thing. In Simplistism, a thing must have a reason for existing or a purpose. All philosophies I have encountered have a purpose of engaging conversations about ideas. How to view basic concepts in order to understand the whole of things. The real value of a philosophy is in its ability to be able to create a discipline or science that benefits the world in some way. The most common result is technology that improves life.

So, for now, the only purpose of the Simplist Philosophy is to inform, or teach, as it were, about itself. As the creator of said philosophy I am also the first student. The things I have learned have already shown a certain value that makes me want to know more. I intend for my future posts to help develop this philosophy or demonstrate its value in some way. As a human, I have constraints on what I can see caused by ignorance and consciousness. My reason for posting is intended to allow for those that can see better than I. If there is such a person, I would ask only that they share what they learned.

As the first post presented the structure of Simplistism, my next posts will be directed towards explaining the details regarding its meaning, and I hope, the functional use that is possible. Depending on the degree of my success I hope to present the principles derived that should allow proper use of the model. After that, I should be able to provide real-world examples of the philosophy in action.

Simplist Philosophy


This is my creation. As the creator I have the right to define it, explain it, give it rules and laws, and describe it’s characteristics and explain it’s purpose for existing. As the reader you have the right to like, dislike, comment, challenge, object, contradict or confirm, deny or accept, ignore or utilize in any way you choose. I will introduce the basics of it in this post and expound on it’s meaning and utility in several subsequent posts.

I am well aware of my own ignorance and my educational limitations. I also know that I am mediocre in intelligence because my personal performance in various subjects has been average at best, and below average in most instances.

The beginning

The term ‘simplismo” is a literary technique involving the removal of words to increase understanding of poetry. Simplist – a person who uses the Simplist Technique to seek the Simplist State.

Simplist technique – a method to apply the Simplist Principles to the Simplist technique for the purpose of completing said technique. The technique is evolving towards completeness and thus completeness does not indicate success.

Definitions and Structure

Reality: All Truth. By All I mean there is nothing outside Reality. Reality is static, all encompassing and therefore termed “The Master Absolute”. It cannot be added to because there is nothing to add to it ; by definition, there is nothing outside of it to be added. Some implications of this definition are that Reality cannot grow or shrink and is unchangeable in any way. It always has been and always will be whatever it is.

Existence: The only accepted creation of Reality.

The Existence Boundary: The indeterminate form that separates Existence from Reality and effectively prevents access to ‘Truth’. A goal of the Simplist technique is to reduce this boundary as much as possible, to get as close as possible to unifying Reality and Existence.

This is the totality of the ‘Structure’ of all things according to the Simplist Philosophy. A shorthand for the Structure may be written as Reality/Existence where the / represents the boundary or barrier between the two.

The Minor Absolutes

Alternatively referred to as Existence Absolutes. The Minor Absolutes are Multiplicity, Variation and Time. Multiplicity mandates that Existence is added to at all times. This means that new Existors are always created. Variation means that all created Existors will be different from all other Existors created before or after it. Multiplicity and Variation together are the rules that describe the Law of Uniqueness. Time is the engine that drives all creation within Existence. To obtain the Simplist State you must be the only ‘Human’ Existor. To be specific, you must be the First. The fact that this is not possible is irrelevant to the Simplist perspective.

Conclusion and Discussion

This suspends the “Introduction to Simplist Philosophy”.

Just in case a reader is present at this point, you should know you are irrelevant to the Simplist cause. Any value you produce is your own. Your agency is thus intact.


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The Only Reason

This is a courtesy Post. If you are reading this, and you are not me ( you should know ). Let me first congradulate you for having an exceptionaly abnormal sense of curiosity. Please note: If you did not actually read the post titled: What’s Not Here, or failed to verify your presence, your congradulation is hereby null and void. (We will both know).

This site and any post you might find here exist for only one reason and will cease to exist around some time in Jan 2021 ( precise date is unknown ).

The sight began late one night this year because the owner/author was curious about blogging and also drunk/stoned or high on drugs( pick a choice, I mean, who really knows?) and somehow spent $96 on a blog for an entire year. ( I was robbed! swindled! or something!, anyway, money left my bank account). As a result of the author’s very short attention span ( could also be a mental illness ) nothing was posted for almost two months.

For reason’s still unknown ( like hell! I was out $96! ) the owner made a first attempt at posting and after a short time made some significant (I like this word!) Discoveries; some of which are listed here ( there could be more ):

1 He could not write

2 He could not spell

3 He knew very few words

4 He did not know the meaning of any of the known words

5 He did not know enough words to make a sentence

6 He still does not know what the word sentence means

7 He could not figure out how to use the software ( Does anybody. really?)

( Lets just stop here. They get the picture. )

Phase II (Second Attempt)

After a professional analysis of prior problems (I threw the damn list out) and under direct supervision of experts in their fields ( so I took a damn english class! twice.) the owner became certified to continue ( I passed the test!..after only 3 tries) In order to prove his complete commitment (I like this word too!) the owner spent a significant amount of funds on unique professional tools found only at a highly reputable specialty store.( geez, I spent 9.95 on a dictionary at a Walmart.) Armed and ready the owner rode into the battle equipped as a sainted knight into the fray. (uh, I got out of bed and got dressed? What hell is a fray?) With a warriors heart and a Dragons strength our hero was thus prepared to begin phase II when a mystical event foretold long ago by the Great Prophet suddenly and Magically delayed the engagement.( ah, face it, I got drunk again, or stoned or whatever, I can never tell when I regain consc..um, wake up). With a completely Undaunted Spirit, and the use of ancient magic from an unknown wizard, combined with a never before heard of meditation sequence our hero dashed into the battle at astonishing speed to meet the enemy. ( eh, I took 2 aspirin and slept 11 hours? it’s owner by the way, not hero. )

With an unforgettable display of courage our Valiant hero engaged the beast of Phase II and a mighty battle ensued. ( Last warning: ‘owner’, or I’ll forget to sign your next paycheck. ) The battle was all but lost when the owner reached deep within himself and summoned his true power and slayed the beast with a mighty blow. ( eh, ok. I trashed it ’cause it sucked, but I like your version better. )

Phase III ( A third Attempt )

Having vanquished the beast of Phase II, the owner confidently road into battle with the beast of Phase III knowing he would be victorious again. ( Phase III?, It feels like IV, V or VI. Why are you using Roman Numerals? ) The beast of Phase III was mightier than the beast of Phase II and the long and arduous battle seemed to have no end. ( a lot like this post. ) Having endured as much as it could take, the mighty beast withdrew from the battle, knowing he could never defeat the owner. ( yeah, I was pretty tired of the whole thing too. )

Phase IV ( Final Attempt )

Hi, this the owner, known as EdgyRoy, or, at one time, themumblingman. I’ve come to realize, after only 6 views of this blog since I started it, no one is likely to read any of it. I’ve now renewed the blog to Jan, 2022. I now feel liberated, because I can write whatever I want, precisely because no one is likely to read it. So what does the future hold for this blog? My mind is wide open now. Free from purpose or intent. I will try to write like someone is reading it, but, truth be told, I don’t care. I don’t mean to be rude, I just have accepted that my thoughts and words don’t attract many people. But, if you’ve read this blog to here, then I must say that I appreciate your time and interest and I hope only the best for you in your life. I will try to get better.



Go Covid Go!

Cheering for Covid-19

I guess people would want to know why anyone would cheer for a pandemic. In what most people call ‘America’, that may not be the case. But, as a big fan of the scientific method, I feel it’s important to present a logical reasoning for any statement. For those who don’t know what the value of the scientific method is, or have never been introduced to formal logic, it’s best if you leave now, because you won’t like what I say. Really, if you have ever voted for Donald Trump, or intend to, you should leave now too.

Because I believe time is the most valuable thing any living creature has, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. So, for those who are judgmental you should also know that I’m white, straight, male, southern, non-religious, and old. For those who are still here I will try my best to make this interesting, informative and as entertaining as I can. But to be honest, I confess that I’m not a very good writer and not a very good communicator. I say these things because I really appreciate anyone still here and your time is so valuable I don’t you to reach the end and feel like you have wasted it. So let’s begin.

The Burning Baby

You may have heard of the ship that is burning in San Diego and has been burning for days and will continue to burn for a long time. This is not that baby. This is me, attempting to be interesting and informative. You may be wondering ( at least some of you ) why does something made of steel burn so long? You might also wonder why the fire can’t be put out? The answer is ‘Paint’. As you may already know, sea water will rust steel at an alarming rate. Even the salt in the air has a disasterous effect. The paint is the barrier between the steel and the salt. Running through the water wil rub off the paint so the paint is refreshed all the time. The older the vessel, the more paint has been applied. The amount of paint can be hard to imagine. It’s even a special paint meant to resist fire, so it takes a hot fire to get it started. But once ignited, it has tons of fuel for burning and produces very high temperatures. I hope that didn’t bore you. If it did, I apologize. On to the baby.

When a baby sees fire for the first time, it’s probably the most beautiful thing they have seen in their short life. They have a tendency to want to see what it feels like. Most parents have a tendency to prevent that. The entire reason for the move from gas to electric was because everyone learned that having an open flame in the house was a bad idea, no matter the circumstances. Today, as throughout history, almost no one doesn’t know what is bad about fire. What is also true today is that fire is still a beautiful thing to see. If it just wasn’t so damned destructive. So, what does all of this have to do with babies and covid-19? The answer: Learning.

If a baby manages to get their hand in fire, they learn all they could want to know about fire immediately. A baby, in most cases, will never do such a thing again. In some cases, however, they just might. Either way, they know why not to do it. I call this experiential learning. I think they call it ‘learning by doing’. I’m not a teacher and never have been, but I do know that the best way to teach is through experience. Why this is true I should explain. I am 67 years old and I have been learning all my life. I was trained, in the Navy, to operate a Nuclear Power Plant and did so for a number of years. I was educated , at college, on the subject of computers and graduated with a degree in Computer Science. I have had a number of computer related jobs and have made a good living doing so. None of this is truly relevant. The point is that I took the training and only after applying what I had been taught, did I really know the truth about the subjects. Before we get to Covid I want to mention something personal. When I left high school I had not demonstrated a talent for anything. I wasn’t even a good student. In the Navy, I barely made it through training. Even in college I had low grades and only got a degree because our Professor decided I was ‘fully growed’ as he put it. The point is, even before college, I had discovered my only true talent. I am an excellent troubleshooter and problem-solver. The reason I mention this is because my lack of scholastic ability never hurt me. I never had to look for a job. I was never fired. I never took a job for any reason other than it interested me. I never held a job for more than three years. I never bothered to learn how to write a proper resume. My resume was just a list of where I worked, the name of the company and title of the job. More importantly, I left the job when I wanted to. My first job after the Navy paid well enough alright, but I found out the boss was taking advantage (sexually) of the immigrant women who were my poorly paid co-workers.( it was in California ). No one cared back then. Very few even today. The point is the man did not deserve my services no matter how much he paid me, so I quit. My major concern was that my co-workers were either Americans or wanted to be. I did not spend 6 years risking my life for America so I could come back and watch Americans be abused by other Americans. Most of the time though, I left the job just because it was no longer interesting or fun. I’m saying all of this because for years I have heard so many people claim that they can do something and then never do it. America has had many problems that have never been fixed, Every election cycle a candidate claims he will fix it but never does. I have never promoted myself, and I don’t interview well. So why was I always hired? I can only guess that each previous employer had given me a good recommendation. In some cases I got raises I didn’t expect. I never asked for one. If the job didn’t offer enough then I wouldn’t take it. I never negotiated for a salary, except once and that was because the potential employer wanted me to fix his problem and it was in a business I didn’t even know existed, had no idea what it was about and he didn’t even have a title for it. In the end I got the money that satisfied me and I got to name my own title. I fixed his problem in about 3 months and hung around just because most of the people were fun to be with and a couple even became close friends. They were all artists. I had never met any artists before. One guy I first met had told me that if I could fix the problem it would be a miracle. My point is this: if you want to be steadily employed, if you want to be able to get an above average salary in any industry, if you want to be able to live life on your own terms, learn how to fix things and solve problems. A politician can seek office well enough, but how often do they fix what is wrong once they get there?

Why cheer for Covid-19?

This part may be hard to understand, so brace yourself. I learned a long time ago that people just don’t listen. Even today, they still don’t listen. Most people thought I was anti-social because I generally avoided people all my life. I was not talking, but I was always listening. Even my mother, when I was very young, had expressed a concern about my behavior. The reason is, I was always thinking. When I say always I mean always. Simply put, it was my favorite thing to do. I loved it. Today I am retired and I consider thinking to be single most valuable thing that a person can do with their life. I spend my days reading the news, exploring the internet and thinking. But mostly thinking. What I think about most is about people and society, the two things I ignored most in my life. After over five years I can read just the headlines and pretty much know what a story is about and what will be said or written. Sometimes I will read a whole article just to see how close I was to the truth. I could go on for days about what is wrong with the news and how to fix it. One day I may even post it. But not today.

With that aside, the second relevant thing is that I love my country. Now I don’t mean it in the way that others might say it. When I hear ‘America First’, it makes me angry. When people ( especially politicians ) talk about America it is obvious to me that they don’t love America. Love is about sacrifice. I learned that from my mother. Not because she told me, but because she showed me. People talk about ‘the Greatest Generation’ being those of WW2 who had essentially conquered the World while saving America. They also talk about ‘ignorance’ and the value of education. My mother left school at the age of 16. She dropped out to go to work at a munitions factory. The year was 1941. My point is that you either say something or you do something. When you do it, it proves the truth of you. To wrap this up, I have to say that it was part of my generation that began breaking America apart. I was there. I saw the ‘counter-culture’ burning their draft cards and demonstrators march against the Vietnam war. America was growing fast and producing great fruits. By the time I reached high school I wanted to go out and see America and experience those fruits for myself. Even today, graduation from high school is great mostly because you get to make your own decisions. You are finally able to truly be free. The last thing on your mind is about making a decision that could cost you your life. But I couldn’t help but wonder what was happening to my country. All the things the greatest generation had left for people that they were enjoying seemed to have just ‘been there’ for them. No one acted liked they loved America for any reason other than what they could get from it for themselves. I began to wonder if I did either. To know the truth about myself I would have to prove it to myself. I’m stubborn that way about truth, always have been. I did not want to, but I chose to join the Navy just because no one around me seemed to be thinking about who was going to protect America while they were enjoying her fruits. So just when I was about to learn the true meaning of freedom, I turned my young life over to the government, knowing that whatever they might have me do, I had a good chance of getting killed doing it. Six years later I was honorably discharged and started looking for the America I loved. That I always wanted to see. All I saw was an America that was dividing itself into pieces. And that has continued to this day. The bottom line is that I am tired of this crap. I cheer for Covid because it can kill.

How can I justify writing such a thing? People know that some men will beat the hell out of their wives, and then tell them the next day that they are sorry and they love them. Then they’ll do it again. They do it so many times, and so often that sometimes they eventually kill the wife. Most of those women put up with it because they have no place to go or they know if they leave, they will be hunted, found, and get punished even more. This kind of man doesn’t listen, doesn’t learn, doesn’t want to change and never will. Years ago a woman would have no one to turn to. Even the police would take the husbands side and leave her to be abused again. The only way to stop it for some was to kill the man. But then the woman was sent to prison, or worse. Today it is not so bad, but it still happens.

Today my country is led by a man who says ‘ America First ‘ all the time. He shouts it even, like that is proof that he means it. He hugs the American flag and mouths the words ‘I love you’, clearly proving that he doesn’t know or doesn’t care about how you are supposed to treat an American flag. This kind of stuff has been going on for a long time so it is not that new, but it is the worst. The fact that he got elected is proof that so many Americans don’t love America but use their power to vote to get only what they want and have no concern for anything else. Just like a roaring fire, if you don’t put it out it will consume everything it touches. Just like the wife-beater, he will not stop until he is dead.

Those who won’t listen to reason should be ignored. Those who don’t wear masks, or listen to science, or who refuse to learn from history or experience should be left to suffer the consequences. This is my country, I love it almost as much as I did my mother. So if you want to attack it then you are attacking my mother. I don’t care who you are, from the President on down, in or out of office, in any state, party or organization, business or individual. If you won’t sacrifice anything for America then you should die. I’ve never wanted to harm anyone and never have. I don’t believe I have a right to judge people, so I don’t.

I cheer for Covid-19 because I want the people who ignored the warnings to suffer for what they have done. I want the people who won’t listen to pay the price. I want the people who won’t learn to find out the true cost of ignorance. Finally, for those who truly love America, and thus fear for the country more than you fear for yourselves, I am not referring to you. If you don’t know or understand why America is great and always has been, you don’t deserve to be here. If you don’t know or don’t want to learn what America has given you that is so valuable, then don’t vote for anything again until you find out. Just being born here may give you the right to call yourself American, it may give you the right to take all you can get from the country. But you can never claim to be a ‘patriot’ until you give something back. You can never be a ‘friend’ of America until you prove that you will be there when she needs you. She needs you now. If you don’t know why every American is equal regardless of sex, color, or religion or anything else, then you do not know America at all. If you even own, or display, or wave a Confederate flag then you don’t care for America at all and you should be stripped of your citizenship and at most become a legal immigrant. I cheer for covid-19 because it can rid America of all the ‘phony Americans’, like Trump and his followers, that have been destroying America for so long. To any reader still here, I apologize for the ranting. I have a passion for my country that can be hard to contain. I’m sorry I lost control. I’m finished. I hope I didn’t waste your time.

Scales of Belief and Reality

Belief is what our consciousness uses to deal with reality. Reality is used here to describe Truth in its’ absolute sense, in that it is that which cannot be contradicted by any means human consciousness has at its’ disposal. Reality is also referred to as ‘existence’ but this term is a product of consciousness whereas Reality is used here to refer to anything in or out of consciousness. Reality as we use it here is identified as having three universal characteristics. These are Multiplicity, Variation and Time. Time is essential because it cannot be stopped by any known means. But because Time passes and is subject to Multiplicity and Variation everything increases and everything is different. There are no duplicates of anything. We refer to Knowing as the state of reality we have in our consciousness, and each individual usually refers to what they know as ‘truth’, even though Reality alone defines truth. This leads to conflict between ‘I’ and the ‘other’ because Reality isn’t subject to knowing.

Change occurs in every tick of the clock no matter how short a measure of a unit anyone uses. Change is mandated by Multiplicity and Variation and so Reality is ever increasing so consciousness can never catch up to Reality, unless of course Time could be stopped. Then we could not know anything because we need time to think or sense so if time stops we could do neither. What we can know is only what we believe we know and only that exists in our consciousness. So basically, truth is relative to the consciousness under question until Reality verifies it for the consciousness. This leaves us with only the spectrum of belief until such verification occurs for each consciousness.

The range of belief runs through a number of stages from suspected to confirmed and is verified using scientific methods as our best tool to arrive at an ‘objective’ conclusion on a particular truth. This is actually a ‘shared belief’ among those who have decided that ‘objectivity’ is a standard for knowing. Only a consciousness can be capable of knowing but most seem to accept believing as a substitute for truth more often than not. Our beliefs can start with sensed evidence or occur through thinking alone. In the case of senses we generally will accept our own sensory data before any others. I may be cold but you may not is a simple example. Our sensed data is often an ‘established’ belief, which means the individual has confirmed the truth of it for themselves and will carry the belief until or unless they encounter a contradiction of it. If the ‘established’ belief is not contradicted it can become an ’embedded’ established belief and these kind of beliefs are hardest for an individual to correct. An embedded belief drives the individual consciousness in its conduct of life, and modifies much of a persons behavior. Religious beliefs are usually embedded and a consciousness is loath to accept contradictions to such beliefs.

To try and clarify, we all have a range that goes from casual beliefs (we accept a belief as conditionally true but may have doubts) to established beliefs (we have validated the belief based on supporting data in favor of the belief). Established belief is the first evidence of truth that a consciousness allows. It would seem that knowing is generally made up of established beliefs and some would even count their established beliefs as knowledge. Each consciousness can be described as common, average, intelligent or genius by another consciousness, depending on shared beliefs and the degree of self-examination. By self-examination I mean the process of questioning the truth of what ‘I’ know from what I have heard or sensed or learned by any method. We usually do self-examination through thinking as a form of self-evaluation if truth is a serious subject for the individual consciousness. People are considered ‘close-minded’ or ‘open-minded’ depending on the number of embedded established beliefs they have. An embedded belief is the toughest ‘nut to crack’ within any consciousness. An embedded established belief is ‘the absolute truth’ for the individual and is the most difficult for the consciousness of an individual to ‘let go’ of. I suspect this might be because humans have a great desire for truth but have such difficulty defining it that they accept beliefs as true because most can’t deal with the details of reality otherwise. I have an embedded established belief that reality is different from existence because existence is a perceived view of reality of the consciousness under consideration while reality possess all truth. For all of humanity it has been clear that truth is relative to the individual consciousness and subject to change like everything else. The only truths that do not appear to change are Multiplicity, Variation and Time. These are the axioms of reality and the determiners of change. Because knowing is not possible for many unless they get validation from an outside (other) source, many seek the input of others to verify a truth for them. But what if I happen to possess a truth that was not validated by an ‘other’ and separate from any knowledge I had. Where does one ‘acquire’ such knowledge, especially when reality confirms it’s truth? We would normally call such things an experience since it occurred in our consciousness and shapes our perception of reality and thus our existence.

I may have rambled a bit, but the point of all this comes from a question about the boundary between ‘you/I’ and ‘other’. I am fairly certain that there is only ‘I’ and ‘other’ as far as conscious beings go. A ‘you’ is just a particular example of ‘other’ and as far as consciousness is concerned the only barrier between ‘I’ and ‘other’ is the difference between the two consciousnesses that are mandated by the three axioms of reality.

I’ll write more on this topic at another time, in case anyone is interested. For now, don’t give up on knowing just because of the infinity of knowledge, just enjoy the search for truth and rejoice when you find some.

Live long and prosper.


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